Letter to the Editor: Northern Explorers

Alex Cole

To whom it may concern,

     The importance of this letter comes from the course of events during the Student Senate meeting on the evening of October 1, 2017. This letter is in no way related to the outcome of unbudgeted requests submitted by Northern Explorers. The views and dialogue of the following statements are solely a member present at the meeting.

      It is believed that being on Student Senate is not only an earned privilege, but foremost a duty. This duty to act involves representing the student body to make informed decisions related to the health, welfare, and prosperity of the community at the College of St. Scholastica. However, on this previous Sunday, a breach of that duty to act was committed by several members of the Senate. It is understood that there were several medical emergencies that night and we send our condolences and sympathy to those affected by such events. However, for those who abandoned the meeting without just cause, we are deeply offended by your actions. You have been selected by the student body to lead and make decisions that others would not be able to make. All of us, senate and club members alike, are students. We have class, we have homework, and we all have stressful days. When various club members take the time out of their evening to come before you with a request, they feel as though we should receive the attention that any other club would receive. Yet, senators leave the conversation, risking a failure to make quorum and dismissing the meeting. You have failed to perform your duty as senators, and have made it clear about the level of commitment you have to the senate and therefore, student body which you represent.

     It is believed that the Student Senate has strong beliefs in Equality, Justice, and the Benedictine Values which we all strive for at St. Scholastica. Nevertheless, members of the student senate failed to respect the time and requests of Northern Explorers, and in total declined to uphold their duties as student senators. After leaving the meeting, it  was questioned if the people that run our student body were fit to hold office. The events that occurred on the 1st of October were discourteous, unwarranted, and inappropriate.

     Because of these actions, it is believed that it is only right to publish the names of those senators who abandoned the meeting. In doing this, it will give a
more accurate representation of the Student Senate and who we choose to lead our student body.
    To those who did not take part in these actions, apologies are given for the frustration. Thank you for your time and all you do for this school. Above all  your actions to stay, listen, and vote are greatly supported and your respect for the matter is highly complimented.

Alex Cole