Letter to the Editor: Hillary For President

Carley Nadeau

By mid-October, neither Hillary Clinton nor Donald Trump impressed me enough to make me want to vote for either of them. When I finally received my absentee ballot, I filled in every box except the presidential one because I still had no idea who to vote for. Should I just vote for a third party? Should I write-in Ken Bone?
This hesitation all changed, though, while watching the third presidential debate, where Trump called Hillary “nasty.” From then on out, I knew who to vote for.
I realized I like a woman who doesn’t let her self-worth be defined by a man’s comments. I also realized that night that I like my presidents how I like my women: nasty, strong and capable. Hillary isn’t perfect; she’s made mistakes but she has (mostly) owned up to those faults. I’d rather have Hillary in office than a man who gets so distressed at the slightest comments directed at him and who has little respect towards women. In order to have some respect for myself, my womanhood especially, I need to vote for a candidate that is sensible and respectful. Trump isn’t, Hillary is. That’s why I’m with her.
Grab him by the ballot. Vote.