Letter to the Editor: Are you Voting?

Alysa Ruona

As the presidential race is coming close to its bitter end, more headlines are swamped with “he said” and “she said.” Are any of these last words going to make a difference? Does our generation even care about this year’s election? Being that this is the first presidential election I can vote for, I want to play the devil’s advocate and show the real sides to each potential commander in chief.

One of the most controversial candidates in U.S. history has been Republican candidate Donald Trump. The media has long portrayed him as a racist, sexist, and bigot. In reality, he is a conservative father, businessman, and well-known author. He knows how the economy works, inside and out, and wants to help America get back on its feet.

On the other hand, Hillary has had her name widespread in politics for decades.The media portrays her as a psychologically unstable authoritarian mother, hyper-feminist, and money puppet. They have it all wrong. In her life, she started in the office and ended up in the U.S. Senate — bringing change and influencing a new era of activism. Hillary is a law graduate from Yale, and has committed her whole life to fighting for equality, human rights, and opportunities for families and children.

Let’s stop looking at what the media says about these candidates and take a closer look at the key issues they are fighting against, and how they can change this country for the better. Voting registration is now closed for Minnesota but you can still register for an absentee ballot that can be sent to Scholastica to fill out and return before the general election on Nov. 8. Please get involved and vote. This has been the most influential race in history and all it takes to make a difference is a vote for the candidate right for you.