Lack of Senator Attendance Cuts Meeting Short

Allie Brennhofer

Low attendance at Sunday’s meeting forced Student Senate to hold off on voting for two financial requests until enough members are present.

In order to vote on requests, two thirds of Senate — or 24 senators — must be present at meetings. Because of this, the two requests from Anime Club and German Club were not able to be heard. They were tabled and will be heard at the next meeting.

Duluth Police Ask For Input
There were also two representatives from the Duluth Police Department at the meeting to speak about strategic planning. One officer, Amber Peterson, spoke on the subject.

“If you guys aren’t familiar with what a strategic planning process looks like, it’s when an organization works on figuring out what their goals are for the future. Usually that happens when you have a change in leadership, you have some other big change. If you guys aren’t aware, we just had a new police chief this year. So he wants to take our department on a different direction and really hear from our community members on what they want in our police department and what they want to see in the community,” Peterson said.

They had the senators fill out comment cards about the DPD and handed out a sheet that had information about a survey the departments hopes students will fill out.
Senate Receives Budget For Remainder Of Semester

Senate received the official count for their budget.
“We got official numbers. I had a meeting with Christy [Alvar], a couple of them since we last saw each other. My estimation was off … So we have $2,447.96 left. So very small amount of
money,” Financial Vice President Bailey Barber said.

Barber had made an estimate so that Senate would have some numbers to go off of while the administration was still figuring out the exact budget.

Due to the failure to meet quorum, the meeting was over not long after the DPD finished speaking.