It’s Pothole Season

Allissah Jerome

    If you’ve driven or walked around the College of St. Scholastica, then you’ve seen them – those pesky potholes that have the potential to ruin your tire alignment or make you look like a drunk driver when you’re trying to carefully avoid each one. Unfortunately, St. Scholastica was hit hard by pothole season much like the rest of Duluth.

    Luckily, CSS has Terry Belich who is working hard to stay on top of the pothole situation. Belich is the Buildings and Grounds Manager at St. Scholastica which puts him in charge of overseeing the daily needs of the college as far as cleaning, event set ups, daily trash removal, lawn mowing, snow removal, and roadway upkeep, including taking care of potholes.

    “What happens is the ground freezes and thaws, and once it starts cracking and breaking up and having traffic over it, pretty soon you end up with a pothole,” said Belich.

    Unfortunately, CSS is limited in their ability to fix the pothole situation. Belich is currently using a temporary cold mix to fix the potholes until the beginning or middle of May. During this time, road bans are lifted and the pothole repair company Belich uses will be able to drive their trucks to campus to create a more permanent fix.

    “They [the pothole company] have to wait until one: they’re manufacturing their hot mix and two: the road limits come off. Until that happens, I really can’t do any extensive filling or permanent fix … it’s kind of a waiting game,” Belich said.

    Until the road bans are lifted and CSS is able to get a more permanent fix for the potholes, Belich encourages individuals to drive slowly throughout campus, especially in the early morning and at dusk when visibility is low.

    “It’s a recurring problem. It’s the nature of living in northern MN … we do our best. With my job it’s primarily trying to make a good impression when people drive on campus. We work with what we have,” said Belich.