“Ice Trap” A Danger for Students on Campus

Kelsi Rippberger

While walking between Cedar and Scanlon apartments on campus, students, faculty, and workers have noticed a collection of ice runoff covering the road and the sidewalk. Some students have even referred to the hunk of ice as an “ice trap” since they are concerned about falling and hurting themselves.

The only signifier for pedestrians to take caution is some construction cones propped up around the ice. This “ice trap” poses a risk to students’ safety when driving past and walking to and from class, which has led to questions arising as to what has caused the runoff and what maintenance workers are doing to solve this issue.

According to Terry Belich, St. Scholastica’s buildings and grounds manager, maintenance workers “have not found any source to the water, so [Tim Orlowski, St. Scholastica’s Maintenance Manager] is concluding that it is groundwater seeping through.”

Meanwhile, “our student grounds workers scrape and ice melt that sidewalk every day as well as the rest of the sidewalks.”

The apartments and grounds have been thoroughly checked for any other issues, to try to figure out where the water was coming from. It has been determined it is not city water.

To accomplish this Belich said, “we checked the water pressure in Cedar and Scanlon and they were normal and equal, and we tested the water for chlorine, which there was none. We had Ulland Bros look at it as well as Arrowhead Consulting.”

Therefore, students living in these apartments should expect no issues with their water quality.

Maintenance has been doing their best all around campus to ensure the safety of everyone. But for the “ice trap”, we can agree with Belich in “hoping it will dry up soon.”