Housing Mix Up Resolved

Abigail Blonigen

After filling out their housing contracts and patiently waiting for weeks, students finally received an email from Residential Life. They excitedly opened it hoping to find out where they were placed to live next year. To their disappointment, it was simply an email confirming roommates for the 2016-17 school year. An even further disappointment for some students was that they were matched with the wrong roommates.

Sophomores Nicole Zierden and Madison Rausch were two of these students. Rausch, a nursing and psychology major said, “I sat down with the two girls that I was planning on living with, and we all filled out the contract at the same time, so we were expecting we’d be paired together. And then I got the email, and it was three people I didn’t plan on living with.” Zierden, a social work major, found herself in the same situation.

Why did this happen? Director of Residential Life, Mickey Fitch explained in an email, “There was not an error or problem or mistake that was made. What we did was looked at all of our contracts and noticed quite a number of students who had not mutually requested all roommates for their group. When we noticed that, we decided it would be in the best interest of the students to alert them of that fact via email, and offer a time period to update us on changes that needed to be made.” She said this affected a little over 100, or about 18 per cent, of returning students.

Fitch continued, “We went back into many contracts and groups when students said they had all requested each other and found that sometimes one or two roommates hadn’t requested their roommate. We have had similar issues in the past that we have addressed with our student population as well.” Both Zierden and Rausch said Res Life was cooperative when it came to straightening out their roommate situations.

“We were more than happy to do this repair and outreach with our students because student satisfaction is very important to us,” Fitch said. In addition, Fitch said next year they will need to be more explicit with residents about figuring out who their roommates are and making sure everyone is putting all roommate preferences in.

Regardless of the reason, as long as residents emailed Res Life, they should have their desired roommates for next school year.