HOOAH!: Winds of Change

Chad Graden

The good news is that our thoughts and tolerances towards women are changing in our country. The bad news is that we are seeing many prominent people losing their jobs because of it. It is not a bad thing that these people are being fired, what is bad is the alarming rate in which we are seeing these people being accused. Folks are tired of things and are starting to stand up to bullies. I know if one of my loved ones was sexually harassed I would want justice for them as well.

Matt Lauer, Al Franken, and many others have made front line news lately for all the wrong reasons. It shouldn’t matter what position a person holds, if they are abusing and acting in a gross manner, they deserve nothing more than to be fired. What makes it even worse for all of us is that these same people admit what they did, but don’t want to face any consequence for their actions. Matt Lauer wants a 30 million dollar severance pay from NBC, and Al Franken refuses to resign. I personally believe the money should go to the victims, and Al should have been let go immediately.

As the normal folks of the world sit and watch or listen to the news every day and learn about these powerful people and what they did, it makes us upset, and we are shocked by it all. Who knew that a man who strongly opposed sexual abuse was one who committed it when the cameras were off. I feel bad about all of it, but I certainly don’t feel bad for the people who did it.

Any person, no matter their position is in society, should not be protected when they commit a selfish act like sexual abuse. An employee at a fast food chain should be held accountable just as much as the President of the United States. What is promising is that our society wants change. It is another step in the right direction for equal rights for women. Instead of being sad or upset about famous people who commit these crimes, we should all be embracing the winds of change where women feel safe and protected.

“Boys will be boys” is not an acceptable excuse anymore, and women who “deserve” this abuse because of what they wear is no longer a valid argument. Thank God.