HOOAH!: Trump or Clinton

Chad Graden

“Bad officials are elected by good citizens who don’t vote” – George Jean Nathan

Elections are fast approaching, and we have just witnessed the last of the presidential debates; now we are given the task of banging our heads against the wall and voting for the person we think is the best option to run our country. God help us all. I touched on this topic a few weeks ago but this paper is dedicated for this specific topic if we so choose, so I have decided to give you all the pleasure of knowing what the general consensus is in the Veteran community.

Here’s the deal — usually the military has a history of voting conservatively in presidential elections. The reason is that, typically, they take better care of our soldiers; they pay us more, we get better benefits, and usually the military grows in numbers, which means job security. I won’t mention any names but the last time we had an election, many active duty servicemen/women casted their votes but were later told they did not count. Apparently, the absentee votes were not done on time, which is funny because our military usually does their voting sometime in October. But that’s another story for another time.

So, now you must all be thinking that we are voting for Trump. Well, that isn’t necessarily true. Not all, but most Veterans, are voting for anyone but Hillary. Trump and Johnson are the popular ones. Now, we aren’t saying we love Trump — the guy has issues — but what we are saying we hate Hillary Clinton. For us, Clinton has done a lot of bad things.

We have all heard of Benghazi, and what has happened there. Veterans are highly upset over this and will always continue to be. To make matters worse, Clinton has openly stated that the military should be cut back even more. Lastly, when working for government there are strict policies in order to receive a classified status. The military works very hard to keep that sacred, and Hillary continues to abuse this privilege.

In my opinion, we should get rid of the entire party system. I think we should have a handful of people who debate and discuss what they believe and we, as American citizens, choose our political leaders from that. This way we aren’t stuck with staying loyal to whatever party we think is best. There have many candidates on both sides of the party that I believe had the capability to lead this nation. We will still have those who are more financially backed by the rich, however, we aren’t subject to just one way of thinking.

Not every Veteran will agree with what I’ve said. The majority of Veterans and our active military tend to lean towards the Republican side. However, I do not speak for every Veteran. I’m just stating the majority feeling.