HOOAH!: Peace And War

Chad Graden

“War is what Happens When Language Fails” – Mark Twain

Unfortunately, it seems that if we want peace there almost always needs to be war. It’s a sad reality. There are billions of people on this planet, so it’s understandable that we don’t all get along with each other. Every country has people of different backgrounds, ethnic groups, religions, and beliefs. Mostly, this is a good thing, but sometimes, as we all know, this can also be a bad thing.

It’s bad, because every once in awhile we see a country that has a leader who is incredibly selfish and egotistical which usually leads to catastrophic events. We’ve heard the stories of past dictators, like Hitler and Stalin, and the terror that they brought to their countries. They created scapegoats for their own problems, and decided to try and exterminate them all. The only way these men could be stopped was to wage war against them.

We have also seen this happen throughout parts of Africa where one group of people hated another group of people that came from a different bloodline. With the two sides hating each other, a dictator rises up who has the money, power, and capabilities to do things that often end in genocide. The only way to save people from these evil acts is to engage in combat, at which point diplomacy becomes obsolete. “Tears Of The Sun” is a great movie that portrays true events of this nature.

When different countries stop talking to each other, or when a power within a nation rises up and takes over, it’s usually because the communication fails between their own people. We usually see more of this happen when the education is limited, or when the people of a nation are isolated from the world (North Korea for example). We often ask ourselves how people could be so blind to see what their leaders are doing and not fight back. The answer is simple: they don’t know any better.

This is why we shouldn’t hate people; we shouldn’t hate every Korean or Afghan because they truly don’t know any differently. Sometimes, when people do speak out in certain countries, they are killed or imprisoned for it. Hitler was one of the greatest public speakers of all time, and that is why an entire German nation rallied behind him.

This is how bad people in the world take power. This is why it is so important for our country, and other good leaders of the world, to be involved with every other power on this planet. This is the main reason countries go to war, because without war there can be no peace. It is just unfortunate that, as long as there are people on this earth, there will always be corruption. This is why we will never truly see a world without war.