Hooah!: Muslims

Chad Graden

When 9/11 happened I was upset and scared like everyone else. I wanted revenge and answers to why these people attacked us like they did, and why they chose to kill thousands of innocent people instead of striking our military. That day is the main reason I joined the Army. I wanted to do my part to make sure this type of event never happened again.

However, soon after this attack took place, we began to hear stories of American citizens doing bad things to good people. One particular story always stuck in my head that occurred in Arizona where I was living at the time. A Muslim, Middle Eastern man who owned a market corner store was dragged out into the street and brutally beaten to death by a few angry individuals. The man killed was an American citizen who loved this country and loved his community.

Now in 2017, we are still hearing of hate crimes and words against Muslims. People are worried and scared that their way of life will somehow be affected if a mass number of Muslims come to our country. What if I told you that the typical Muslim human is peaceful? To those who are scared of this religion and culture, do you not realize that Muslims have lived peacefully side by side with you this entire time? The majority of this religion does not promote hate, the ones who do are extremists, and those numbers are few compared to everyone else.

When Japan attacked Pearl Harbor and forced the U.S. into WWII, we witnessed multitudes of Japanese-Americans taken from their homes and placed into camps across the Nation. Today reminds me of that kind of behavior, and we need to squash it immediately.

Most of the people I fought against in Afghanistan were led by a militia of men who drugged and brainwashed their “soldiers.” Many of these folks had no clue why they were fighting us. Some were forced to fight, because leaders of the Taliban would threaten their families, and some were drugged with so much heroine they had no idea what they were even doing.

Let’s not forget how the Christian Crusaders back in medieval times were sweeping across the world and killing innocents in the name of God. Does that make it okay because they believe in the same God that most of us believe in? Absolutely not. I have friends, classmates, and fought alongside soldiers who are Muslim.

Even my 77 year old grandmother sends me articles on Muslim people who are trying to change our way of life. Most of the readings she sends me are false, made by people who are trying to scare us into believing that all Muslims are bad. Some are made by people who believe in the concept of one “white” race. My poor old grandma doesn’t know any better, but that’s still no excuse.

My point is, stop hating people who want to be here and be free like everyone else. I often wonder if minorities and immigrants aren’t sometimes more proud to be an American than an American born citizen. Nobody is going to tell you who you can and cannot worship, what foods to eat, or how to dress. This is the United States of America where everyone is free from persecution, so start acting like it.