HooAh!: It’s okay to be a Feminist

Chad Graden

Okay, I know what you’re all thinking. The word feminist is a scary word. That word has a reputation of being over the top, man-hating, and manly-woman related. After the recent election, the world witnessed women’s marches across the globe. We have seen images of women wearing strange costumes and holding weird signs. These type of things have only fed into the hatred for feminists.

My question has always been why? Why is it that in the year 2017 we still have pay gaps, low expectations, and one-way thinking about women? I’m a retired Army soldier who has gone to war, and has often been accused of being an ultra manly man. The reality is that I’m a bit of a feminist myself, and I’m okay with that.

Here is an example: women’s soccer at the national level is being paid pennies compared to what the men’s teams are. This is ridiculous if we take a deep look at it. The U.S. women’s team has won numerous world cups and olympic gold medals. They are very good and competitive year after year. The men’s team has yet to win anything. To this day they struggle to even put a winning team on the field, yet they are being paid almost double what the women are being paid. Is this fair?

Many people argue that women shouldn’t be involved in combat arms in the military because they are too sensitive, they will be raped, hurt, or whatever the case. Is that really a women problem, or is this a men problem? Of course women will be hurt or killed. It’s war; that’s what happens, but last time I checked, men do too. To worry about women being raped is not the problem the women have, it’s problem that men have. Women don’t go out asking to be raped, and it’s certainly not their fault when it happens. The reason women are raped is because the men doing it have major issues. I think we should allow women into combat arms. Have you ever seen two women fight each other? I rest my case.

Now you think I’m being weird or crazy. Wait until you have children of your own someday. Most of you will get married in your lifetime, and most of you will have children of your own. Half of you will have daughters, and when you do, your work and way of thinking will change drastically. I promise you that you will not be okay with your daughter being paid less than a man does for doing the same work, or being looked at as nothing more than a sexual object. Your daughter will be worth more than that, as does every other daughter on Earth.