Hooah!: Hospitality

Chad Graden

It seems hard these days to really have a sense of community that is supportive of all individual values. Our political world makes this impossible it seems. People are fighting over everything, and the more we fight, the more we see protests and violence.

I believe the veteran community within our society is tired of all the negativity as well. They have returned home from overseas, retired from the military, and sacrificed so much to leave this country better than it was before. Now it seems we are moving backwards instead of forward.

Most veterans agree that there should be some sort of ban, or better process of monitoring immigrants coming into our country. That may not necessarily be what our new President is enforcing, but it certainly in includes some sort of process. Many of us have fought against the people who attacked the U.S. on 9/11, and we don’t want to see that happen again. We understand and know what extremists are capable of.

Everyone has seen the beheadings, violence, and the mistreatment of women on television. Veterans, especially, do not wish to see the same happen to Americans here at home– nobody does. However, how do we monitor this? How do we fix this while keeping the basic human rights of everyone? How does the United States keep their values and freedom? We have seen this before. For example, when the United States imprisoned innocent Japanese-Americans during WWII, placing them all in camps. Some people went as far as attacking Muslims in our country after the attacks on New York, D.C., and Pennsylvania.

We need to learn from our past mistakes and find common ground. People spend their entire lives studying history, because we should never make the same mistakes as we did before.

Contrary to popular belief, most Veterans believe in fair treatment for all people. Let people live the way they want regardless of religion, race, or sexual preference, and let people have their guns. No human on earth has the right to be the judge of anyone else.

What about Trump’s wall and ban on immigration? I say build your wall, but don’t keep everyone out. This country is the melting pot of all people, none of us would be here if it wasn’t. Protect this nation, enforce strict laws and a strict vetting system to keep tabs on the bad guys, but let’s continue to let in people searching for a better life.They are human beings; they deserve a chance at life as well. Some of the people I served with were immigrants from other countries, and they were good, decent people. I was able to call them my brothers, and I still do today.

The only issue vets have is that some of us need major help. Let’s take care of our own folks before we give all of our resources to those coming in. Let’s get the homeless off the streets; let’s get this healthcare system fixed. There are far too many veterans, the same folks who swore an oath to protect this country, on our streets. 22 veterans a day commit suicide and that is a problem we need to fix. While we take care of all the people coming in, let’s not forget about the people already living here.