Hooah!: Feminism Part Two

Chad Graden

Because feminism is such a heated topic, it will take two articles to get through everything I want to make a point about. Last week I talked about allowing women into combat arms, the pay gap, and I touched a little on rape. This week I want to dig a little deeper, and next week I’ll move onto the next debated topic that angers me.

Imagine you all have a daughter, she was just born and you are now a parent. You buy her cute little clothes and a lot of pink stuff. Now you are at Target and you see a pacifier that is in the shape of a grown woman’s lips that resemble a bit of sex appeal. You find it amusing so you buy one, later you take a bunch of pictures of your newborn daughter with these luscious lips.

Now Imagine that your daughter is sixteen years old. She gets ready for school and comes down dressed in a tube top which exposes her stomach, wearing the shortest shorts you’ve ever seen, and her face has layers upon layers of makeup on. This makes you upset, and you force her to change her clothes and clean her face.

Now ask yourself why you didn’t want your daughter to dress that way. Is it because you didn’t want her to have that kind of attention? Do you tell her that you trust her, but it’s the boys you don’t trust? If you’re the father, think about how you treated girls growing up. Did you allow the girl next door to play baseball with you, or did you look at her on the bus and whistle at her? Did you and your friends high five each other when you made some moves on a girl, or had sex for the first time? Did you ever get mad when a woman turned you down for a night of fun?

Men, I think we need to ask ourselves why it’s okay to “let boys be boys.” Why is it okay for a guy to sleep around with many different woman as much as possible and be considered a “stud” when we call a woman who does the same a slut? Women do it too, women often will call another that same name. Do you think it’s weird that you don’t want you daughter to dress in a provocative manner, yet you will sit and watch porn?

Call me old fashioned, but when I was in the Army, many of the guys who I was deployed with watched a lot of porn. Those videos, and magazines, and whatever else are the most disrespectful things that our society does towards women. A 14 year old boy who steals a Playboy magazine, and sees those images, may grow up to think that this kind of behavior is the normal way to view women.

Is this really how you want to treat your daughter? Do you really want your baby girl to grow up in a society where it is acceptable to treat women like sex objects? I don’t, I want my daughter to grow up thinking that she can do whatever she wants with her life. Her worth is much more than just making babies, or to be used for someone’s pleasure. A colloquial phrase about karma comes to mind. What goes around comes around; let’s treat the women of the world as equals, and stop thinking that they exist simply to continue our species. Even Jesus himself held his mother in high regard, and we should do the same.