Former President Larry Goodwin: Where are they now?

The Cable catches up with Dr. Goodwin

DyAnna Grondahl

This year’s freshman will never understand the void that exists in the Greenview Dining Room. Upperclassmen know. GDR’s most loyal consumer, Dr. Larry Goodwin, St. Scholastica’s retired president, is no longer present in the day-to-day shuffle of the CSS dining service, and we are suffering for it. And while we are suffering, Dr. Goodwin is living it up, and participating in life in a way many can envy.

While students study their lives away, Dr. Goodwin is studying for leisure. While he catches up on his reading some of his texts of choice include: James Joyce’s “Dubliners,” the New Yorker, and a history of Islam. Dr. Goodwin also spends time reading German textbooks in an effort to improve his language skills. He and his wife will spend part of each year in Germany.

Dr. Goodwin also mentioned he spends some of his time camping in the upper peninsula of Michigan and the Boundary Waters. He has been biking, spending more time with friends and his wife, and even “sleeping in occasionally!” And he is enjoying it.

“It’s good to have time to relax, to spend time with family, and to do things I want to do when I want to do them,” Dr. Goodwin told The Cable. “I’ve heard many people say that they are busier in retirement than they were at work, but that is not true for me so far.”

Don’t worry, Dr. Goodwin isn’t completely over the College of St. Scholastica. He misses “the people and the sense of community,” and likes to stay connected. He has left the college in great hands, and mentioned that Dr. Geary was a great choice.