Alumni Board member Nur Mood ‘12, Duluth Mayor Emily Larson ‘95, and Board of Trustees Chairman Christopher Dolan ‘01 field a question from Theology Professor Dr. Gary Boelhower during last week's Feast Day Panel about the Benedictine Values. (Cable Photo/Nick Stenstrup)

Feast Day Panel Discusses Benedictine Values

Scholastica Graduates Speak About School’s Values

DyAnna Grondahl

The College of Saint Scholastica Community looks forward to Feast Day every year for the free food and good juju. This year, with hopes of creating more meaning out of the event, St. Scholastica hosted a panel discussion about the Benedictine Values. The guest speakers included Duluth Mayor Emily Larson ‘95, Board of Trustees Chairman Christopher Dolan ‘01, and Alumni Board member Nur Mood, ‘12.

Dr. Gary Boelhower, professor of theology, asked all the questions. The first was how have you seen the value of the year, love of learning, particularly in your life or career? Dolan was the first to answer relating the question to his job as a lawyer. He said lawyers are in a position in which they are always learning driven by critical thinking and openness to new ideas.

Other questions included asking panel members about their favorite Benedictine value, their most impactful learning experiences on campus, and their most cherished St. Scholastica memory. After said questions, the students in attendance got a chance to pick the panelists’ brains. These questions asked about advice, role-models and each panelists’ trip to St. Scholastica.

Duluth Mayor Emily Nelson advised students to say yes to opportunities, be willing to make mistakes, get off their phones, and listen with their hearts. After being asked what led them to CSS, Nur Mood mentioned that he had made his first trip to St. Scholastica by himself and a second trip with his family who fell in love with the campus right away.

The talk ended with each panelist telling the audience about the person they look up to most. Dolan described the challenge his grandmother faced as she worked to the age of 93 to put her grandkids through school. He stated the quote “she was warned, but nevertheless she persisted,” applied to her.

Emily Larson spoke about her mom and Eleanor Roosevelt. Her mother raised three kids on little and still found time to write. Larson’s admiration for Eleanor Roosevelt stemmed from her ability to use her worth and power to get things done.

Nur Mood also admires his mother for her strength through fleeing and still pressing her kids to be educated.