CSS Production of ‘Boy Gets Girl’ Focuses on Dating Violence and Harassment

Matt Maybon

April is sexual assault awareness month, and St. Scholastica is doing its part of reminding people. Students have displayed t-shirts that have sayings focusing on oppression and gender based violence along the student union. There are also a variety of events and workshops that address these issues throughout the month. The newest play to be performed at Scholastica called “Boy Gets Girl” is a contemporary drama that addresses stalking and harassment in dating.

Kelly Mullan, a CTA professor at Scholastica, is directing the play. She commented on why she chose to pick this script.

“Because St. Scholastica is an educational theatre, we try to choose a wide variety of types of plays. Even though I’ve directed for 18 years, this is my first time here,” she said. “I love to do contemporary drama, and I love to do stuff that is based on social issues.”

Senior Emily Nelson, the assistant director of the play, commented that she approves of the way Scholastica manages the types of plays that are chosen.

“I didn’t know how much went behind choosing. I knew Kelly was very interested in these types of shows, but I didn’t know about choosing those different types. It’s awesome and it makes sense,” said Nelson.

The lead male character of the play, Tony, is played by senior Jake Spartz. His character stalks and intimidates the lead female role, Theresa,
throughout the play.

“My role as Tony makes you really question people,” said Spartz. “Tony seems like a normal, charming guy, and he winds up not being so good. This is so especially important to remember today with dating apps like Tinder and social media outlets. It’s so easy to meet up with the wrong person. Everyone thinks it won’t happen them, but it can and does,” he said.

With the harsh reality of dating violence being a possibility nowadays with the rise of internet dating, Mullan said that this play can relate to the students here.

“I do think it is important to talk about. Especially the way people are dating now using a lot of online means to get to meet people, where you don’t really get to know them before you go out with them. I feel you might have less of an idea what to expect, or who you are getting involved with. So it’s something that’s still really important; it’s important for us to educate people about, and also to reflect on experiences people have had,” said Mullan.

Boy Gets Girl will open with a free showing on Thursday, April 14, which will include a community panel discussion on stalking and sexual violence afterward. This panel will also be available on April 23, both of which count as Dignitas Labs. Alternative showings of the play include April 14-16 & 21-23 at 7:30 p.m., and April 17 & 24 at 2:00 p.m. at the St. Scholastica Theatre.