CSS Cross Country Competes in the Running of the Cows

Andrew Naslund

     The College of Saint Scholastica men’s and women’s cross country teams took part in the annual Carleton Running of the Cows last Saturday as a Pre-Region Meet. For those now wondering, the fastest cow in the world was noted to have ran a mile in 7 minutes and 31 seconds (crazyforcows.com). That fact, however, has literally nothing to do with the cross country event last Saturday.

     The CSS men’s team got things started on Saturday, placing 10th out of twelve teams in their 8K race. Isaac Boedigheimer led the pack for the Saints, finishing the race with a time of 26:37, landing him in 12th place overall for the meet. Easton Foss crossed the finish line shortly after, with a 15th place time of 26:40. Other notable Saints performers included Cam Pearson with a time of 28:15, Izaak Juenemann finishing with a time of 28:40, and McEwan Rodefeld rounding out the top at 28:51.

     Boedigheimer, a freshman from Cloquet, mentioned multiple reasons for his ability to lead the Saints in the Running of the Cows.

     “The cool weather was definitely one of the key contributors for me having a great race,” Boedigheimer said. “I always feel better both physically and mentally when I am able to feel the cold air rush past me as I am running. ”

     While each cross country participant’s time may be noted individually, teammates still have a crucial impact on one another in this sport. Boedigheimer was quick to praise his teammates with helping him transition from high school to college athletics.

     “One of the biggest things my teammates have done as I adjusted from a high school to college runner and competitor is giving me the confidence and encouragement that I can push myself more than I, myself, think I can,” Boedigheimer mentioned. “Typically, I am someone who likes to stay comfortable and not take risks, but my teammates have consistently tried to push me out of my comfort zone and learn to become comfortable with being uncomfortable.”

     After the men’s race, the women’s 6K Pre-Region Meet race took place, where the Saints took 11th place out of fourteen total teams. Leading the way for the Saints was Liz Poskie, who finished 45th overall with her time of 24:49. The next Saint to cross the finish line would be Lauren Dynek, sporting an impressive time of 24:57 and 50th overall place. The final three runners to make up the Saint’s top five would be Heidi Carlson (26:45), Anna Totsch (27:12), and Kaisa Hallgren (27:38).

     Liz Poskie, a sophomore runner from Cotton, Minnesota, spoke very highly of the Pre-Region Meet.

     “The Running of the Cows was held on Carleton’s beautiful course, which will also be the course for Regionals this year,” Poskie said. “It was a fast course with lots of rolling hills, so you are able to pace your way uphill and fly on the downhills.”

     Lauren Dynek, a freshman on the women’s team who placed second on the team last Saturday, also spoke on the transitioning from high school cross country 5K races to the college level 6K races.

     “Racing wise, I don’t really notice the kilometer difference, mostly because I have my teams teaching how to pace and make the most out of my race, and basically making it as easy as I can for 3 miles and then still having the kick for the last of the race, where it should be painful,” Dynek said.

     Despite this transition, Dynek has fared very well in her first year at CSS, as evident with her performance at Carleton. Much of this early success she credits to the support from her teammates.

     “My teammates have been super supportive and always tell me ‘great job,’ but they also have shared their racing strategies with me,” Dynek said, “They are really amazing and helpful.”

     Looking forward for the Saints, the men’s and women’s teams will be competing in the UW-Oshkosh Invitational in Winneconne, Wisconsin. Until then, Poskie discussed how she and her teammates want to approach these next two weeks.

     “As an individual, I would like to prepare for UW-Oshkosh by working on my speed and kick in the workouts for the next two weeks because Oshkosh is a fast, super flat course,” Poskie explained. “As a team, we can be prepared by nailing our high-intensity workouts coming up and keeping a positive attitude going into the meet.”

     The UW-Oshkosh Invitational for both teams will take place on October 14th.