CSS Choirs at Home Wows Audience

Allissah Jerome

The College of St. Scholastica’s choirs joined together for yet another amazing performance. On March 2, 2017, the college’s Men’s Choir, Women’s Choir, Bella Voce, and Concert Choir came together for an amazing night. These groups are directed by Dr. Bret Amundson and Dr. Sarah Cohen and were accompanied by pianist, Emily Valine during the performance.

The evening began with the men’s choir performing four different pieces: “Brothers, Sing On!,” “What Wondrous Love is This?,” “Pirate Song,” and “Stodola Pumpa.” The Men’s choir always has boisterous and full tones whenever they perform.

“Men’s Choir sang that pirate song and it was hilarious. It’s even more funny if you know that choir directors constantly tell singers that you don’t sing “r’s”. Then you take a look at the piece and there’s no avoiding it,” stated Tasha Engesser a senior in Bella Voce.

The Men’s Choir was followed by the Women’s Choir. The Women’s choir performed “I Started out Singing,” “Song for Peace” and then “J’entends le Moulin.” Each piece was beautifully performed and flowed well throughout.

Following the Women’s Choir’s solo performance, the Women’s Choir was joined by Bella Voce to perform “Psalm 23 from Psalm Trilogy.” When different ensemble groups perform together they always create a unique sound, which was just how this piece sounded. This piece was performed beautifully.

Bella Voce performed alone after their duo performance with the Women’s Choir. Bella Voce performed “Look! Be: leap;,” I Am Not Yours,” “Psalm 8,” “Spes,” and “Spirit of Life.” Bella Voce always has such a light and flowing tone when they perform. It’s always a unique experience to be able to watch the Bella Voce because not only can you hear their music, it’s almost as if you can feel their music in the way each singer moves on the stage. It looks like the music is flowing through them.

Closing out the show was the Concert Choir. The Concert Choir performed “O vos omnes,” “The Peace of Wild Things,” “The Conversion of Saul,” and “Grace Before Sleep.” The Concert Choir is probably one of my favorite groups to hear perform.

If you haven’t had the opportunity to hear one of the vocal groups, or would like to hear them again, check out the Saints Life calendar for upcoming concerts. If you would like to get more involved, don’t be afraid to join, “Scholastica’s directors are both fabulous and choir really is a great way to engage in something beautiful and challenge yourself in ways you might not have done before,” stated Engesser.

“The concert on Thursday went really well as far as I’m concerned. We had no idea what the turnout would be like since this is the first of a concert like this. I was pleased with the turnout and it was exciting to hear what the other groups have been working on. Spring Tour 2017 will be tons of fun next week!” stated Engesser.