Congratulations December Graduates!

The College of Saint Scholastica Saying Goodbye To December Graduates

Breanna Cole

It’s nearly here! This is the moment that well over 600 students have been waiting for. Now that it’s December, time is going by very fast for students graduating this month.

One of the people who help make this event possible is Michele Runberg who manages the logistics of graduation each year. According to Runberg, there are 665 students applied for graduation, and 278 walking in the commencement ceremony. The commencement ceremony will be taking place on Saturday, Dec. 16 at noon in the Reif gymnasium.

From the first night staying away from home, to the last few weeks of walking through St. Scholastica’s halls. After all, who can’t say they won’t remember their first homecoming weekend, joining clubs, making friends, exploring Duluth, cramming for a Monday morning exam, studying at Storm’s Den, getting to know the professors and staff, Community Day, the dances, and so much more.

From these students, there are undoubtedly many stories to be continued. Some will continue their education in graduate school, others will go straight into the field of work. The futures of these students are still undetermined, as they haven’t happened yet, but great things are sure to happen. Because with the December Class of 2017, there is a future of nurses, teachers, writers, actors, lawyers, scientists, mathematicians, etc. The possibilities are nearly endless.

One student, Christaia Houser is graduating with a degree in elementary education.

“I am graduating in December with an elementary education degree and a minor in French and planning to attend the Overseas Placement Job fair at University of Northern Iowa in February. My goal is to get hired at an International School and sign a 2 year contract, leaving in August of 2018,” Houser stated.

With these plans and more, CSS is sure to expect great things. If one wants to say their last goodbyes to these students, come on by to the commencement ceremony on Dec. 16.