Coffeehouse Review: Andrew Plan

Cuddling with Music and Pie

Kate Miller

The line for the Andrew Plan Coffeehouse stretched out the door. Held in the the Student Union in Tower Hall, the Campus Activities Board (CAB) sponsored Coffeehouse, featuring artist Andrew Plan, drew a line of students who filed past the Intercultural Center, Center for Just Living and out the first set of double doors to the side entrance of tower. Excitement was building for the event to begin.

Perkins Pie seemed to be the draw for most students, but the music soon became the focus.
Students got quieter and quieter as they approached the calming Coffeehouse atmosphere. Room for sitting was unobtainable for those who came late. As students filled the room, they draped themselves over couches, squished themselves on armrests, and sat in tight groups on the floor.

Five minutes after the start of the event the pie was gone, but people stayed for the music.

The artist, Andrew Plan, started the evening strong and only got stronger throughout the night. Using an electric guitar paired with a looper and various other sound equipment, he gave the sense of there being more than one performer. Plan’s instrumental talents paired with his wide range of vocals provided the audience a wide variety of music. Occasionally slowing down to play acoustic songs and then ramping it up again with upbeat pop/rock/funk tunes, allowed audience participants to thoroughly be surprised by each new musical selection.

Spread throughout his performance, Plan revealed more of his personality by keeping the audience laughing. One joke included talk of his recent engagement, “Commitment,” was the only word he needed to utter while giving a face lacking any excitement. Plan, being sarcastic with his humor, earned roaring laughter from members of his audience.

Freshmen students, Caroline Anderson and Claire Conway, walked away from the Coffeehouse impressed by Plan’s talents. Neither Anderson or Conway had been to a Coffeehouse before but were both taken with Plan’s performing abilities. Anderson revealed some of Plan’s music reminded her of the baselines of television sitcom Seinfeld while Conway shared that certain aspects of Plan’s performing style reminded her of those of Ed Sheeran.
When asked about the event running out of pie their quick response was, “the music makes up for it.”

Relaxing with music and pie allowed for another successful Coffeehouse experience.