Club Spotlight: Outdoor Pursuit

Jemma Provance

Duluth, with its fantastic terrain and location on Lake Superior, is a prime location for outdoor activities. So what would a Duluth campus be without a group dedicated to enjoying the wilderness and the sporting activities that come with it? Outdoor Pursuit is a group that strives to bring more people into outdoor activities. In addition to running the rock wall in the BWC and renting out equipment, OP hosts “cosmic climbing,” which invites people to climb by the purple glow of a blacklight surrounded by creative fluorescent decoration. Off campus, the club takes weekend and summer trips kayaking, hiking, or canoeing, often to see interesting places or phenomena such as pictographs on the boundary waters or a neat eclipse in the Apostle Islands.

So who pursues the outdoors? No one kind of person, surprisingly. Since there’s not exactly another program at school that does anything like Outdoor Pursuit, a motley crew of vastly varied individuals comes together for trips. Says Michel Doege, “You’re just meeting new people all the time, with different backgrounds and different styles, because at school, you’re with your team all the time or with the people in your major all the time and OP is not really confined to that.” Indeed adding the club to your list of things would move you toward becoming the well-rounded person CSS strives to help you become.

OP always looking for new people to come join, since the regular participants are those who have gone on trips before. But if you can’t be yanked away from Netflix for a weekend or attend any of their meetings once or twice a month (sporadic but always prefaced by community emails) you might support the club by buying one of their snazzy water bottles.