Club Spotlight: International Club

Breanna Cole

International club has been very busy this year preparing for Culture Night and International Week. The students behind the scenes are truly Saints for all of their hard work thus this far.

Many events took place starting on Monday, Nov. 12, when the club had a fundraiser where they sold Filipino food. This was a successful fundraiser for the International Club, as many of the students and staff remarked that they enjoyed it.

The club members from International Club also asked Greenview Dining Room to make an international lunch which also proved to be an outstanding success. There was a vast variety of food that represented other countries. On Nov. 16, they collaborated with Muslim Student Association, and hosted a henna and tea party. This took place in the Student Union across from the Intercultural Center.

Finally on Friday, they wrapped things up by hosting Culture Night which started at 6:30 p.m. This experience was jam-packed with events such as traditional dances, poetry, videos, singing entertainment, and even a fashion show of traditional clothing from India, Ethiopia, Kenya, Zimbabwe, and Latin America.

Overall, International Week and Culture Night was successful for the people involved in International Club. All of the members worked very hard to put on this week for the College of St. Scholastica, as well as inform others about other countries different cultures.

“This week was a lot of work but came together beautifully in the end. We can only thank all the people who helped us make this week a success, all the performers at culture night, Greenview Dining Room for the international lunch, MSA and the Office of International Programs,” said Yael Ikoba, president of International Club.

The International Club is always welcoming new members. Their purpose is to provide opportunities to better understand different cultures from around the world. They meet every other Thursday. If one is wanting to join or get involved with International Club, contact any of the members such as Yael Ikoba, or email