Chavez-Cruz Takes Seat as New Senate President

DyAnna Grondahl

The administration of CSS Student Senate has changed hands. Jason Chavez-Cruz, the new president, led Sunday’s meeting discussing Senate’s objectives for next year. In addition, freshman Andrew Bailey took over Bailey Barber’s position as financial vice president. The 2017-2018 Student Senate VP Monica Boyer was not in attendance as she is studying abroad in Ireland.

Chavez-Cruz dove right in updating Senate on his plans for next year. Next year, Senate will focus on the following: connecting with the student body, teambuilding with senators, improving communication, promoting campus safety, raising awareness for sexual assault, increasing Senate participation, partnering with school offices to put on events and revamp Senate with new positions (i.e. VP of student affairs, VP of diversity). In addition, Chavez-Cruz mentioned his intention to make other administrative positions be voted upon instead of being interviewed positions.

Bailey mentioned that the budgets for clubs are due this week and meetings will take place next week.

Rachel Reese, chair of Student Activities, gave the rundown for Mayfest. With Mayfest, Campus Activities Board is putting on a host of Star-Wars themed events. Other chairs had no announcements or grievances.

While she couldn’t be present at the meeting, Boyer shared her thoughts and words of happiness.

“I am so excited to serve as your student senate VP,” wrote Boyer. “Jason and I have already been working on plans to help make your college experience better and would love to hear your suggestions and ideas.”

Following the meeting, the previous Student Senate administrators Zach Meikle and Stephanie Peters commented on the chaos surrounding this year’s vote. According to the two, there was a large number of voting grievances, which can be submitted by senators who think one party may not in compliance with the rules.

“Good God, who can count?” said Meikle in response to Peters asking him about the number of grievances. Peters also mentioned the excellent voter turnout for 2017.