Peter Megariotis preparing for a shot attempt during a practice at Mars Lakeview Arena. Megariotis holds a 4-3 record on the season thus far for CSS. (Cable Photos/Maggie Grob)

Behind the Mask: Peter Megariotis

Sam Hvidsten

If you are going down to Mars Lakeview Arena to watch our St. Scholastica men’s hockey team, you may know Peter. Senior Peter Megariotis is the goaltender for the Saint’s hockey team, wearing the number 30 on his back. Though the name may be familiar, I am sure most of you do not know about his very impressive background. Starting his collegiate career at Ohio State, he ended up spending his senior year here at the College of St. Scholastica.

Peter had a very successful High School and Juniors career. He grew up in California, so coming up north was a bit of a culture shock to him. After high school, Megariotis packed up his bags and moved to Michigan, where he played for the Port Huron Falcons. He loved every minute of Juniors, and that passion, hardwork, and dedication led him to be named the 2012 NAHL North Division Top Prospect Goalie. He also snagged Port Huron’s Most Valuable Player award in 2011-2012.

During his last year of Juniors, Megariotis had a lot of college teams looking to recruit him. He eventually decided to attend Ohio State. His career at Ohio State did not last long, however, transferring to Lake Superior State after his first year. Having a successful career playing for Lake Superior State and Adrian College, he decided to head over to Duluth, joining the Saints for one game last year and now the entire season this year.

“Even though I loved every second of both schools, my dream was to play and be the go to guy,” Megariotis said. “So again I packed up my bags and that’s how I got to CSS.”

Being the new kid at school can be fairly difficult, balancing new friends, new professors, and a new living environment. Megariotis became an expert by the time he arrived at St. Scholastica.

“The transition between schools was slightly tough,” Megariotis said. “I can adapt to any situation I am placed in, but leaving my friends and brothers on every team was tough.”

CSS seems to be a great fit for Megariotis. Along with a successful hockey career, he is very impressed with what the school has to offer. When asked about what he likes about St. Scholastica, Megariotis replied with a very sincere and heartfelt response.

“I love the small class rooms and the connection we get to have with the professors,” he said. Megariotis also explained his love of Duluth. “Being from California and especially close to the beach, the lake is just gorgeous and makes me feel like I’m at home to some extent.”

Megariotis has proven to start the year off very strong. So far in the 2016-2017 season he has recorded 176 saves, adding up to a save percentage of .912, and that is only seven games into the season. If these seven games are a precursor to what will happen this season, Megariotis will have a very successful season. Though his talent and hardwork may be a great asset to the team, Megariotis likes to think his coaches are a key component to their success.

“Wick and Barto have been the best coaches I’ve had in my college career,” he said. “They really want us to do the best that we can on and off ice.”

To get another perspective on Megariotis’ time here at CSS, sophomore forward Seth Chumley gave a team’s perspective.

“Peter has been an amazing addition to this team. When he first came, it seemed very easy for him to get along with everyone,” Chumley said.
“That’s who he is, a great guy. On top of that, he is a great leader and great player.”

No one seems to have a bad word about Megariotis. His dedication and desire to win the National Championship this year has influenced the men’s hockey team in a positive way.

“He is one the hardest working players on the team and always one of the last guys to leave because he stays back to work on skills” Chumley said. “His attitude and work ethic is contagious and it brings an awesome dynamic to our team.”

Megariotis will spend his senior year not only guarding the net, but also in the Science building. He is planning to graduate as a Biology, pre-med major, eventually going to graduate school to become a dermatologist. Though he will only be here for a short amount of time, Peter Megariotis will leave a legacy at CSS, and CSS will leave a lasting impression on him.

“I’ve really been enjoying my time at CSS,” Megariotis said. “From the coaching staff, the guys in the locker room, and my friends, I couldn’t ask for any way to end my college career than at CSS.”