(Cable Photo/Allie Brennhofer)

Are the Pokémon Go locations on campus appropriate?

Allie Brennhofer

Many people were understandably excited when Niantic released the app Pokémon Go this summer, an augmented reality game that combined the favorite childhood game with the real world. For those few people that have not heard of the game, it uses GPS location to move your character around your actual location, where Pokémon appear, you can gain supplies at poke stops, and battle gyms. Flash forward to the start of school and many students were excited to see that there are multiple stops and gyms across campus.

Most of the stops and gyms are located an innocent enough locations, Birch and Willow apartments, Mitchell, and the theatre, to list a few. However, there are a stop and a gym located in the cemetery for the sisters on campus. To gain the sisters’ perspective on the placement of these, Prioress Beverly Raway was able to comment through a phone interview.

“We are aware that there are different stops on campus. We haven’t heard of any problems through security,” she said. “We wouldn’t want to see any desecration or problems.”

Prioress Raway added that the sisters are glad that students are having fun and enjoying the game. She thinks as long as the students are being respectful in the cemetery, it should not be an issue.

“We know there is a way to remove it, if there are problems,” she said.

It does seem important to remind students; the cemetery is a private cemetery where only sisters are allowed to be buried. Ranging from the early 1900s to 2016, sisters have been and are being buried there. Respect of the cemetery should be a natural response one has to it. As long as students can remain respectful and mindful of the space, it appears that everyone can continue to have a good time with the game around campus.