Air Jam Returns to Start Homecoming Week

Matt Maybon

This year during homecoming week the College of St. Scholastica will be putting on their very own lip sync battles, hosted by students Harris Dirnberger and Anthony Boe.

Dirnberger and Boe explained that the lip sync battle was something Scholastica had been doing annually back in the 1980s and 1990s, then stopped around the 2000s. However, students decided they wanted to bring it back last year, of which students generally had positive reviews of. Boe went on to explain the details of what goes on during Air Jam.

“It’s a lip sync battle, so you can get a group of friends and pick out a song, and maybe a dance routine. You perform in front of a live audience, and there’s judges that will pick the winners. And then in between the acts it’s me and [Dirnberger] kind of monologue/playing games with the crowd,” said Boe.

Dirnberger explained some of the changes they made from last year. “People performed a whole song, which came out to 4 to 6 minutes. We realized it kind of drags on, so we are going to have shorter set lists and hopefully have more people.”

There are cash prizes for the winners of the lip sync battle. 3rd place wins $100, 2nd place wins $200, and 1st wins $300. Dirnberger mentioned that anyone is allowed to participate. It’s not just all focused on the performances.

“If anyone wants to be involved they can be involved. We have some games lined up. Right now we are planning to have a Family Feud type event, air guitar battle, and other things with prizes attached” said Dirnberger.

On Tuesday, Oct. 11th in the Reif Gym at 7 p.m., Air Jam will be the kickoff for homecoming week, replacing the typical pep fest. Sign up, bring friends, and have a great time listening to your peers play your favorite bands.