About The Script

The College of St. Scholastica’s student newspaper, The Script, aims to provide well-written, unbiased journalism to the CSS community in an environment which allows young writers, photographers, and artists to grow and develop their skills. Using both online and written platforms, The Script keeps students, staff, and faculty alike informed on campus happenings and institutional changes. Our bi-weekly printing schedule allows students to get a taste of the publishing industry, and our student-centered approach lets students experience how to promote, advertise, and keep a business running. Therefore, The Script educates both internally, teaching invaluable skills to its student employees, and externally, keeping the campus community informed.

The precursor to the Script and the Cable, the Scriptorium, published its first issue in January 1932 and continued until 1969. In 1977, the student newspaper returned to St. Scholastica as the Cable. Today, the Cable continues to release its print edition, but also excels at distributing news on its website and through social media.