A Look Back at The Cable’s First 40 years

January 13, 1932: Twenty years after becoming a college, St. Scholastica released its first newspaper, the Scriptorium. The newspaper was to be issued every second and fourth Wednesday of the month by members of the Journalism Department. A one year subscription was $1.25, or it was $0.10 per copy. Newsworthy at the time was St. Scholastica choice to adopt a new education plan after the University of Chicago, dividing the college into four departments: humanities, biological science, physical science, and social science.

June 15, 1969: The Scriptorium ran its last issue after being in print for 37 years. A letter from the editor warned that the most active students in clubs at the time were seniors, and underclassmen would need to step up in order to keep these organizations running. Front page news included that enrollment numbers were up to 600 to 650 students for the following fall. Fifteen percent of these students were male, as the college was no longer a solely female institution.

March 8, 1977: The campus newspaper released its first paper after eight years under a new name, the Cable. Nothing in the issue pointed to why the paper started up again, or the desire for a new name. Newsworthy was a snowstorm which dumped 9.1 inches of snowfall on the city of Duluth. Though the snow made many grumble, Scholasticans and Duluthians alike were noted helping out their fellow citizens break free from snow banks and safely get out of the ditch.

March, 1996: The Cable released its legendary satire paper, the Fable. This was due to a funding cut by Student Senate where the Cable had to be monetarily self sufficient to continue publication. The Fable has continued to be a Cable tradition as the last print edition each year.

September 19, 2003: The Cable tried its hand at becoming an online publication, though the site was ultimately unsuccessful. Ironically on the front page at the time was news of a computer virus called the Blaster virus which hit St. Scholastica’s network hard the previous week.

November 13, 2009: After being offline for a few years, the Cable revamped their website.

December 6, 2013: The Cable revamped their website yet again, reinforcing their online presence with Facebook and Twitter pages.

March 11, 2016: Yet again, the Cable launches a new website, this time, not under the school’s domain. The newest site, combined with social media efforts, is now reaching more readers than ever.

Compiled by Cable reporter Abigail Blonigen