A Few Words on Inclusive Excellence

Linnea Moore

For those who don’t know me, I am Linnea Moore, a sophomore Psychology student who is active in the social justice community on campus. I believe that the Spring 2017 Senate allocations of funding were unfair. Student groups received $156,195 for this semester. Funds were certainly not allocated in a just manner. An example of two groups who received vastly different proportions of money received as compared to money requested were Campus Activities Board (CAB) and Muslim Student Association (MSA). CAB requested $58,510 and received $42,390, approximately 72% of what they requested. In comparison, MSA requested $8,550 and received $50, 0.58% of requested funds. Although I have really enjoyed the CAB events I have attended, I think it is unfair that proportionally some groups, such as CAB, received much more of the funding they requested than others. Our school’s website describes us as caring about Inclusive Excellence, but when we aren’t giving money out to groups who actively work on social justice issues and being inclusive to all groups of people, we are institutionally not practicing what we preach. Groups on campus that work on social justice issues and bring awareness of the many non-white, minority cultures in our community need money to do so, and this Spring semester’s allocation of funds did the opposite. In the future, to truly practice Inclusive Excellence we must ensure that groups who actively address social justice and Inclusive Excellence are given the funds to do this work, as the main source of diversity programming comes from these clubs on campus.