Both pianists from Piano Squared perform their final piece of the night in Mitchell Auditorium. - Photo taken by Nick Stenstrup

176 Keys, Two Pianists

Piano Squared: A Review

Nick Stenstrup

    Emily Valine and David Packa performed a unique recital in the Mitchell Auditorium on Saturday, Sept. 30. A decent sized crowd was in attendance, and everyone was delighted with the music that came out of the 176 keys. A part of the Cambiata Music Series, Piano Squared provided excitement and entertainment for those in attendance.

    Both of the performers looked excited to be playing. Emotional commitment is a major part of performing live, and it was absolutely felt in their presence and music. They played classical pieces, composed by Mozart, Bach, and Milhaud, while debuting a new piece composed by Packa himself. Each received a warm and exciteful response from an audience that never lost interest. To my surprise, no cell phone lights glared in the faces of bored spectators, which is almost always a guarantee at any event.

    The music selected for this performance rightfully displayed the talent of the two pianists. Both Valine and Packa studied music at their respective schools; Valine graduating from St. Scholastica in 2013 and Packa beginning his studies at University Wisconsin-Superior in 2012. Their expertise was obvious in the flawless performance. If this event happened again, I would recommend it to anyone.